April, 2018. First grant month

We will set as the official beginning of the grant April 1st, 2018, which was a Sunday.

Let’s list the contributions made during the month of April.

Issues closed

Here’s the table of issues closed during April

Using the Perl 6 scripts included in this repo, I have closed more than 60 issues during April:

Issues closed by me and others

The initial compromise was to address two issues every day; I have been checking and commenting on issues far more than that, tagging them with JJ TPF grant. In fact, as it can be seen, I closed two issues per day, twice as much as the rest of the issues that were closed.

In fact, those issues are, on average, 4 months old, or almost 120 days, while the average for the rest of the contributors is ~1 month. That means that many of the issues addressed were part of the backlog that was accumulation, and weren’t, in fact, being addressed, making the number of issues accumulate to the tune of a few tens every month.

In fact, this has allowed to buck the trend that pushed the number of unsolved issues upward

Unsolved issues, 2018

The number of unsolved issues has remained more or less constant in April 2018 and around 260, despite the fact that most issues solved were old ones.

Contributions via commits

Last month I contributed almost as many commits as the rest of the authors together, and in fact April 2018 was the second month with the highest number of commits in history.

Commits by JJ and the rest

Not all commits are the same, and some of them were more notable than others, but all of them equally valuable to make the Perl 6 documentation a great resource.

Other contributions

Sometimes working on a issue took me in many unexpected directions, and some amount of work had to be done in some other places. Contributions I’d like to note are


I would say I have reached most of the objectives I set out to do during this month. It has been a great experience, and I will try to continue in the same line of work during this month of May, although I will try to focus on more complicated issues, and also the oldest ones.