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A dieselpunk novel with Spanish-created robot hobos kicking sawdust in the circus in a balcanized America at the beginning of the XXth century.

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Hoborg characters

If you don’t want to spoil the end, don’t continue reading.

At the circus

Name | Date of Birth | Place of Birth | Race | Circus job | Other data — |— |— |— | —| — Frank Rivers aka Fulgencio “Full” Rivera aka Fulgencio Ribera | 1892 | Hispanic | Said to be in a non-specific place in California, but actually Bernalillo, NM | Roustabout | Main character, goes after the Mechanical Man, does not smoke. Putative mother Tarsicia, real mother, not known. Manuel the Mechanical Man | 1908 | Mech | Pensacola Naval Yards | Mechanical Marvel | A roving robot Rufus “the Mechanical Man man” Reed | 1883 | Black | Pensacola | Mechanical marvel fixer-upper | Blacksmith and then mechanic Vince “Chilly” Winters | 1887 | Virginia | Black | Roustabout | Fulgencio’s buddy in the circus, circus roustabout and all-hands man. Bill “Red” Rickard |- | Florida | Black Seminole | Circus roustabout | Shows up only fleetingly Boris “Just Boris” Bacigalupo | 1858 | Memphis, Tennessee | Black | Circus manager | - Raúl “Puff” Ramírez | 1867 | Bayamo, Cuba | Hispanic | Ringmaster | Cynical ringmaster of the circus, he’s been through all and seen it all. Smokes a pipe. Guy “Indian Giver” Hillcrest |- |- | Caucasian | Layout man| He says he’s octoroon. Good with negotiations and cracking wise at kidnappers. Theodore “Cracker” Armistead | 1846 | Augusta, Georgia | White | Blackface clown, boss of the clown posse | Son of plantation owner and slaver, fought as a volunteer for the confederate Army, joining the Revolution for being against the USA “Clippo” | - | - | - | Auguste clown | Cracker’s sidekick, usual butt of his jokes Tracy Wilson | 1888 | Miami, Florida | White | Poser at the jig show | Possum girl that joins the circus. Shorty | - | - | - | Circus midget? | Shares cabin with Full in the boat to New Orleans.

At the hobo jungle

Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Race Other data
Reuben “Duke of Poo” Poole 1843 Richmond, Virginia Caucasian Bum with delirium of greatness, former railroad owner
Gummy Eddy 1881 - Caucasian Hobo with no teeth
Captain Cabo - - Hispanic Hobo that served in the American army during the Cuban-American war.
Wireless Jim - - Black Hobo that invented the radio and talks like one
Henry Hatless Daring Dale - - Black Revolutionary bum
Eyebrowless Eric - - Asian Hobo mentioned once

At Pinkerton

Name Office Race Other data
Cyrus Albuquerque and then Tallahassee Black Mission officer for the mech retrieval.
Gary Albuquerque and then Tallahassee Hispanic Mission officer for the mech retrieval.
Claire St. Louis and then Tallahassee White Undercover operative

At the Florida Government

Name Position Race Other data
Monday Cudjo Patriotic Council Chairman Mixed, black, Muskogee, Hispanic Not mentioned in this book, only in the geography appendix.