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A dieselpunk novel with Spanish-created robot hobos kicking sawdust in the circus in a balcanized America at the beginning of the XXth century.

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A bit of geography

The All Races Republic of Florida comprises the whole former American state of Florida, plus a bit of buffer zones that were conquered during the Patriotic Wars from the hands of the capitalist serfs. These buffer zones extend, in the West, up to Pascagoula (in the former American state of Mississippi) and in the East up to Brunswick. The Northern and heavily guarded border extends in a rough straight line from Brunswick to Atmore, including Valdosta and other formerly American towns and cities that have, by themselves or with a bit of help, embraced the revolution.

The capital city was moved to the well-guarded city of Tampa from early on in the Patriotic Guard and now is a bastion that no capitalist Army will ever be able to contest.

More than two and a half million people live happily here, under the guidance of the Patriotic Council led by Monday Cudjo, an Estelusti with a Spanish grandmother whose wiseness arises from his blood that mixes all the races of this new Florida: Seminole, Negro and Spanish. Let him guide our people and free us from all threats.