Self-organized criticality in code repositories

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Software development is complicated

And complex, too

The world is complex

It all started with literature

There's power in words

Power... law

Can text in books self-organize?

WHERE self-organizing IS they tune themselves

Does it reach a critical state?

WHERE critical IS changes can cause any effect

It will if

they are scale-invariant

WHERE scale-invariant IS no average scale

There are long-distance correlations

WHERE long-distance IS exactly that.

... and there is pink noise

WHERE pink noise IS ...

too complicated for a single slide

Do we have self organized criticality in books?

Self-organized criticality in fiction: the case of #Slash, a novel

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.15292.03202/1


power spectrum showing pink noise


power spectrum not showing pink noise

Self-organization ⬄ observation

Finding the right level is key

What about code?

Software developers self-organize

(How|What|Who) * self-organization

What/why is critical

Who does self-organize?

Maybe not the right question

Looking at the file level

And another: lines written

Code self-organizes.

How do you organize self-organization?

You can't

Gershenson: increase satisfaction

Repositories self-organize β‡’ critical state

This is caused by the nature of writing stuff

Understanding this might help us improve free software productivity and sustainability

As well as city, company, artistic sustainability.



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