A methodology to develop Service Oriented Evolutionary Algorithms

García-Sánchez, Mora, Castillo, González and Merelo

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Evolutionary algorithms? What's that?

Sheep from US national archives

Population-based algorithms

From Flocks in Owens Valley, Ansel Adams

Evolving solutions through natural selection

Wing from the origin of Species

Select the best, combine and change them, repeat until solution found

From The descent of man by Darwin

Do current EA models have a problem?

They have 3

3 problems

Flickr image by Mutiara Karina https://flic.kr/p/a9SSm3.

Not integrated

Not standardized

By EDans

Flickr image by Edans https://flic.kr/p/opfTn.

Not dynamic

By Street Railway Journal

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Service oriented architectures offer


And distribution transparency

Standard service interfaces

Distributed control of nodes

SOMA methodology for service design


Problem, algorithm and infrastructure domains


Fitness, population, parameters, operators as services

Implementation and deployment

Choose technology for publication, discovery and distribution: OSGi/WSDL/other

This buys me what?

tea and scones by Ian

A cup of tea. And scones, too.

Image by Ian at https://flic.kr/p/murCeu

Dynamic binding of services

Operators changed or added during runtime

EAs might fall in local minimum

Local minimum: valley

Some selection operators have higher selection pressure

Image from Library of congress

Binary tournament: greedy

Roulette selection: relaxed

Enabling new operators

Identification and specification

Results with dynamic binding

Dynamic binding rules!

Services afford new ways of assembling evolutionary algorithms

Dynamic monitoring and binding of operators/services rock!

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