Nodeo - evolutionary algorithms in the browser

Simple evolutionary algorithm in JavaScript in CommonJS format, for node.js and anything else.

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Evolutionary Algorithm, simplified, for node

NodEO includes the functions necessary to create a simple evolutionary algorithm in JavaScript in CommonJS format, for node.js and anything else that uses that format. Can be (and indeed has been) converted to the browser using Browserify. Check out the presentation I did for FOSDEM in case you want to know more about evolutionary algorithms and how they have been implemented in JavaScript.

Build Status

Build Status

How to start

Hints on installing and running it.


npm install nodeo

You can also clone it from this repo:

git clone


If you have downloaded it from npm, it’s already tested. If you have cloned it,

npm install 
npm test

Running an evolutionary algorithm

There’s a simple evolutionary algorithm in the app directory of this repository. Run

node app/ea.js


node app/classic-ea.js

from the command line, for the version with a bit more complicated data structures and no cached fitness function (lighter on the memory front).

How to go further

You can try and add your own stuff to the library. Start here


You will have to install a bit of more stuff, including Grunt, which, for the time being, is used to check code and generate documentation. That is

npm install -g grunt-cli

And then

grunt docco

to generate documentation (if you’ve installed docco previously) or

grunt jshint

to check the code or

grunt browsify

to generate a browser-ready evolutionary algorithm based on the classic version.

Do you want to help in an evolutionary computing experiment?

It’s sometimes running here. It is a browserified version of this evolutionary algorithm.

Problems? Questions?

Please use GitHub issues and I’ll try to help you. Can’t guarantee I’ll be in Gitter, but if that’s your thing, please go ahead and try it, I’ll arrive eventually.

Join the chat at `` (nobody ever does, but who knows)