Low or no cost distributed evolutionary computation

JJ Merelo @jjmerelo

GeNeura + CITIC for PPSN2014. Watch this at http://goo.gl/qwMqmd.

The era of big (computer) science is over

From UL Digital library, Flickr

Flickr image from UL Digital library @ flic.kr/p/fsZ74Q.

Brother, you got a computing cycle to spare?

From National Archive Netherlands, Flickr

Flickr image from Nationaal Archief @ flic.kr/p/9bGRAD.

Fortunately, everybody's got cycles to spare

How many computers do you have on you?

The browser is the new operating system

A long time ago, browser was for browsing

real newspaper layout

Optimizing Web Page Layout using an annealed Genetic Algorithm as client-side script, PPSN, 1998

JavaScript is its native language

Every browser uses JavaScript

pic by hendry

Flickr image by Kai Hendry flic.kr/p/5omH5r

Let's do Javascript!

Menu → developer → console

(Might vary depending on browser)

firefox console

Say hello to these nice folks!


Or the much more annoying

alert('Dobro jutro!');

This is an object. That, too.


Arrays are objects, and the other way round

console.log(['Dobro jutro','Dober dan','Dober večer'].pop())

Chromosomes and fitness

var chromosome = '1001100110011';
var fitness_of = new Object;
fitness_of[chromosome] = chromosome.match(/1/g).length;  
var rr = function (chromosome) {
  var fitness = 0;
  for (var i = 0; i < chromosome.length; i+=4 ) {
	var ones = (chromosome.substr(i, 4).match(/1/g) || []).length;
	fitness += ( ones == 0 || ones == 4 ); 
  return fitness;

JavaScript is:

Standard, (reasonably) fast and


Yes, also in your PS4

(Almost) forget about loops

function do_ea() {
 if( (eo.fitness_of[eo.population[0]] < traps*conf.fitness.b )
  && ( generation_count*conf.population_size < conf.max_evaluations)) {
  setTimeout(do_ea, 5);
 } else {
  console.log( "Finished ", log );

A whole algorithm/application in a browser

Picture by bloem

The browser is the new operating system

But I said that already, right?

From Adriaan Bloem flic.kr/p/8NDCRh

And why not in the server too?

node.js is an asynchronous JS interpreter. NodEO is an EA library.

var eo = new nodeo.Nodeo( { population_size: population_size,
			    chromosome_size: chromosome_size,
			    fitness_func: utils.max_ones } );
do {
    console.log( eo.population[0] );
} while ( eo.fitness_of[eo.population[0]] < chromosome_size );

Servers can be in the clouds

Clouds over the Alps on the plane to here

What's cloud computing?

Magic tap by Caleb Khor

On-demand access to virtual devices.

Flickr image by Caleb Khor flic.kr/p/oBGSHw

And you can use it right now

Cloud-based Evolutionary Algorithms: An algorithmic study

GA folder

Using Dropbox-shared folders for distribution. Easy as saving a file.

Infrastructure as a service

sandbox by Gil Garcia

Flickr image by Gil Garcia flic.kr/p/5Pa7ZJ

Platform as a service

sandbox toy by spiritwoods

Flickr image by Stefani Woods flic.kr/p/4QiGQV

Software as a service

sandbox castle by sandifeet

Flickr image by sandifeet flic.kr/p/fPfHJJ

Including development environments

koding is a collaborative online development environment

With a virtual machine you can use from the browser!

Cloud computers are (almost) normal computers

Picture by Jake Von Slatt

You can use them pretty much in the same way you used them before

Image by Jake von Slatt flic.kr/p/5kGuNd

Is that free?

Almost, but not quite: Flex-GP: Genetic Programming on the Cloud uses Amazon EC to scale up to 350 nodes (with unexpected problems).

You need browsers and volunteers.

Browsers communicate using HTTP commands

Image by psd


Image by Paul Downey flic.kr/p/8yZyBF

Ajax, a standard browser-server communication framework

HTTP petitions from a standard object in the browser.


Now we can distribute!

image from another paper, by us

Browser-based distributed evolutionary computation: performance and scaling behavior, GECCO, 2007; showing histogram of generations given by volunteers

We still need the the server

And the sysadmin, and the electricity...

Servers in a cave by reggestraat

From Antony Antony flic.kr/p/6K3ZAG

Distributed EA for 10$

Image from the paper

Is there a free lunch for cloud-based evolutionary algorithms?, IEEE CEC, 2013

IaaS have free tiers

But it generally is pay-as-you-go

Great if you do smail amounts of computation

But then there's freemium PaaS

Heroku, OpenShift and Google AppSpot

it's openshift capture

Three steps to have your own little free simulation

  1. Client-server application with JavaScript
  2. Host it using Heroku/OpenShift
  3. Tell people in Twitter!

What does that buy you?

Experiment result

It's not really a free lunch

Experiment result

But it's pretty darn close to it

And all the technologies you need use are already there: JavaScript, browsers and Ajax.

Pool-based evolutionary algorithms: not so canonical any more

Flickr image by Lorianne diSabato @flic.kr/p/nXfbQ6

Detaching population from operations

pool schema

Chromosomes are taken from a persistent pool and brought back after evaluation, mutation, crossover

Three good things about pool-based EAs

3 problems

Flickr image by Mutiara Karina https://flic.kr/p/a9SSm3.

1. Self-organizing clients

2. Fully asynchronous

3. Persistent population

The island model can also use the pool

islands in the

But it will have to rely on it for communications

Science as potlatch


Image by Frana Blaylock flic.kr/p/5KCXuQ

Potlatch is a resource redistribution system

== load balancing!

natives on horseback from MOPA

Image by MOPA flic.kr/p/9GEcfB

The performance of your free system will depend on your karma/mojo

Lose a follower, downgrade your volunteer computer system

The power is in the network

Network in a goal

As well as possible security holes

Creates a link between persons and tribes

== distributed system!

Potlatch arose from big resource surpluses

You only give what you've got to spare

Scientists give access to knowledge

Open source your science!

Engage community from inception.

Citizen gives attention

Twitter experiment

And computing resources!

What are you giving back?

Interpretation, participation, engagement, support, know-how for startups...

And play the lab-coat clad villain in movies

Losers can't be chosers

You have to deal with

Take-home messages

  1. Cloud is the new (grid|cluster)
  2. Computing resources can be used (mostly) for free
  3. JavaScript, best way to tap them
  4. New ways of exploring spontaneous, ad-hoc networks for EC
  5. The social network plays a role in the performance of the system

Thanks a lot for your attention

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