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A dieselpunk novel with Spanish-created robot hobos kicking sawdust in the circus in a balcanized America at the beginning of the XXth century.

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Installation instructions

If you want to have all this for your own novel, follow these instructions

  1. Clone or fork this repo.
  2. The text of the novel is supposed to be in (text/text). Put your own text there.
  3. Create a Twitter account and activate it in Settings -> Service hooks to send all commits there
  4. Go to Options and use the Automatic Page generator to activate your pages. Follow instructions here to change layout so that it can be synced with the next instruction.
  5. Now comes the hard part (yes, harder than above), so stay with me here. Install Perl (I said the hard part was starting) and do > cpan Git::Hooks > cpan File::Slurp That presupposses you’ve got perlbrew installed, if you don’t, do sudo apt-get install perlbrew and then perlbrew init and the rest; perlbrew install perl 5.16.3 or whichever one you like the most. Follow instructions from the perlbrew page, anyways. If you don’t have, or don’t want to have, perlbrew do basically the same with sudo in front of it

  6. Now do > cp apps/ .git/hooks > cd .git/hooks > chmod +x > ln -s post-commit which will get you automatic sync with GitHub pages.

  7. Get a Travis account and activate the service hook for your project. We are going to use this for spell-check.

  8. If you want to spell-check also in your own computer (hey, you can be in a plane and offline) you’ll have to install also the Hunspell spell checker. You can do it following the instructions in the Travis conf file (hey, if it’s good enough for Travis, it must be good enough for you), that is: > sudo apt-get install libhunspell-1.3-0 hunspell-en-us libhunspell-dev And then the modules mentioned in the module Makefile.PL, that is > cpan Text::Hunspell > cpan Lingua::EN::Fathom with the obvious sudo in front if you don’t use perlbrew.

  9. Edit (text/words.dic) for the specific words in your novel that should pass the spell check, but do not. Remember that the first line contains the number of words.

  10. There’s a shortcut that processed the dictionary and does commit and push for you, it’s at text/ You can use it cirectly or do > ln -s text/ c Remember always to chmod +x

  11. That’s it, 10 points of it all. If you find trouble along the way, just let me know by raising an issue


Remember that with the post-commit hook you have installed you’ll be doing push in two branches at the same time. If you fall behind in a local installation, you will have to checkout and pull in both; you can’t just do a git pull since you’ll be doing it only on the current branch. Do > git pull > git checkout gh-pages > git pull > git checkout master

And that’s it.