My life as a sim: evolving unique and engaging life stories using virtual worlds

García, García, Mora, Merelo

GeNeura + FIDESOL for ALIFE14

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Once upon a time...

Quill by Scott Hamlin

Image by Scott Hamlin

      Someone had to write the story for every single character in a game.

Drawing by Lindenn

Image by Pierre Lindenbaum

      Oh, wait!

People still do it!

Drawing by Lindenn

Image by Pierre Lindenbaum

Time to create a Massive Artificial Drama Engine

Faces by unavoidablegrain

Image by Greg Borenstein

Drawing by @raiben

Our path:

Represent characters by behavioral probabilities and optimize them by the presence and abundance of archetypes

Let the critters lead real lifes

Drawing by @raiben

Let's welcome our rat overlords

Create random worlds populated by rats.

Rat @ Park avenue

Every rat is a finite state automaton

Drawing my Rubén García @rubenhek

Probabilites are defined by profiles.

The environment they live in is scored by emerged archetypes

Picture by Matt Shalvatis

Image by Matt Shalvatis

Testing 3 different scenarios

Territorial war, revenge and Shakespeare

Drawing by Rubén García

Key parameter: number of profiles

bookmarks by Jutta

Image by Jutta

Archetypes are identified in world logs via regexes

Image by John Donges

Archetype match adds to fitness

Image by John Donges

Illustration by Rubén

But stories emerge!

Picture by Jim Kenefick

Image by Jim Kenefick

Interesting stories emerge in worlds evolved via archetype matching.

Fleshing them out is a different matter.

Thanks for your attention

Illustration by Rubén

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