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En esta página hablo de mis tutoriales, libros y artículos. This page is about my tutorials, presentations and books. English section starts just below.

Esta página es bilingüe. Salta a la sección en español.

Otherwise known as

JJ in LinkedIn, JJ in ResearchGate, JJ in Google Citations, JJ in FigShare, jjmerelo in Twitter, jjmerelo in Medium

A page to point to them all

A few of the projects I have in GitHub, anyway.


Some musings about how to learn (and teach) programming

I am not so happy with the way programming languages are explained or learned. I am trying to do something about it, and in this post in LinkedIn I try to describe what is the deal with this new way.

My open source novels and books

Unos cuantos tutoriales

Presentaciones sobre temas diversos

La asignatura que enseño en la ETSIIT

Infraestructura Virtual, un poco de computación nube y Cloud Computing I, más computación nube


JJ Merelo

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